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          Portable Defibrillators Australia

The many public access defibrillators available on the market may be considered portable defibrillators as the majority are reasonably small in size, contain a carry handle or in some cases include a carry case in the box. For many of the brands where a carry case is not supplied, a carry case can usually be purchased separately.

The are many instances where portable defibrillators, or compact defibrillators which are light in weight are beneficial. This can be due space restrictions, where a defibrillator may be intended to be stored in a vehicle, or the defibrillator needs to be lightweight as it is often on the go, packed in a sports bag with a First Aid Kit, or in a First Aid backpack used by First Responders.

For many public access defibrillators, a waterproof case can be purchased separately to provide added protection. The hard waterproof cases may help to improve shock absorption as well as waterproofing, which comes in handy for any user in a marine setting.

HeartSine Defibrillators

The HeartSine range of defibrillators are compact and lightweight. With the defibrillator weighing approximately 1.1kg, it has proven to be a very popular device where space is important. The HeartSine defibrillator range features a Pad-Pak, which looks like a cartridge. This Pad-Pak contains both the adult pads and the battery in a combined unit. Paediatric pads can be purchased separately as a Paediatric Pad-Pak.

Whilst small, the HeartSine features a very high IP56 rating providing good protection against dust, shock, and splashes of water. We have found industries such as transport, trades, or even the home and office user find the HeartSine beneficial for this reason. Small, lightweight, and can take a knock or two.

At present the HeartSine can be purchased as a semi-automatic model, the HeartSine 350P, and the HeartSine 500P. The HeartSine 500P has the added feature of real-time CPR feedback which assist with the quality of CPR being delivered. The HeartSine 360P is the fully-automatic model and is similar in features so the HeartSine 350p.

Philips HeartStart Defibrillators

The Philips HeartStart HS1 and Philips HeartStart Frx defibrillators have been some of the most popular defibrillators in the portable defibrillator category for many years. Both models are compact in size, with the IP rating being one of the key features separating the two.

The Philips HS1 features an IP21 rating, making it an ideal defibrillator for the home or office, whilst the Philips FRx features an IP55 rating making it a preferred defibrillator where durability is key. We have observed many industries such as trades, transport, and emergency services may choose the Philips FRx when the defibrillator is stored in a vehicle.

Handheld Defibrillators

In recent times we have seen the emergence of handheld AEDs such as the CELL AED Defibrillator. The CELL AED is a handheld defibrillator which is a fraction larger than a mobile phone. The device is single use and can be used on an adult or child. The defibrillator is designed t be snapped in half, and each half acts as a set of pads to be placed on the patient.

This is a new and exciting development in the public access defibrillator space, where making defibrillators even smaller and cost effective may result in increasing the number of defibrillators available throughout Australia, which is a very exciting and welcome benefit. We are very interested in this category and will continually observe the development of this range.

If you are looking for advise on portable defibrillators, Defibs Direct regularly has them on sale. We aim to make defibrillators affordable and would be happy to assist with any queries you have.

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