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Philips Defibrillator


Approved Provider of Philips Defibrillator

Defibs Direct takes pride in being one of the approved providers of Philips defibrillators. With the rising number of heart patients in the country, having an accessible and immediate life-saving device is paramount. Statistically, about a 10% chance is lost for every minute that passes without the application of a defibrillator. Fortunately, by using one in the first minute of collapse, you can increase the chances of a person’s survival by up to 90%.


Recognising the need for such devices, we have sought manufacturers of leading brands to provide us with world-class defibrillators. While the Philips defibrillator has been the leading brand for 25 years, we range a wealth of leading brands that you might want to consider as well. These include Lifepak and HeartSine that are both reputable names in the medical industry. Despite their global standing, Defibs Direct offers them at a lower price compared to many other companies in Australia.


How Does a Philips Defibrillator Function?

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A Philips defibrillator is classified as an automated external defibrillation unit. It is a tool that assesses a person’s heart and releases an electric pulse to a heart to restore normal rhythm. This product is designed for public use and can be used even without proper training. That’s why it’s crucial to have easy access to such a device in case of a medical emergency. To give you more insight into how they work, here’s a brief step-by-step process: 


  1. Follow the DRSABCD action plan 
    Check for danger, Check for response, Send for help (Call 000), Airway is clear (open mouth to check for foreign material), Breathing (check for breathing, look, listen, feel), CPR (30 compressions, 2 breaths), Defibrillation (apply defibrillator)

  2. Follow the Guide
    After pulling the handle, a voice instruction will guide you throughout the process. From placing the pads on the patient to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR, to the defibrillator delivering a shock. 

  3. Shock Applied
    The defibrillator assesses the patient’s heart rhythm. If a shock is advised, it directs you to press the flashing orange Shock button.

Why Choose a Philips Defibrillator?

If you notice someone suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest, a Philips defibrillator can quickly provide aid. It is equipped with SMART pads and analysis and will deliver feedback to the user. Powered by intelligent voiceover instructions, applying necessary defibrillation has become easier to follow for the untrained user, and can be a critical lifesaving step whilst waiting for emergency services to arrive.


When placed on the skin, the pads react promptly and can sense the completion of each of the vital steps before moving on to the next instructions. Additionally, the pads can automatically assess the patient’s heartbeat to determine if the defibrillator is required to deliver a shock. Due to the increased ease of use and innovative design defibrillators are becoming more commonplace to increase safety in the workplace, at school, or at home. At Defibs Direct, we offer the Philips defibrillator at a competitive price.

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Get the reliable brand of Philips defibrillators from a trusted company. Call us today for enquiries!  

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