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AED Machine


Dedicated AED Machine Provider in Australia

Choosing a premium brand of AED machines is an investment, especially if you’re a business owner. By choosing to keep an AED on hand will increase your peace of mind that your staff is well taken care of and contribute to creating a greater safe work environment. At Defibs Direct Australia, we value relationships and the work that we do. That’s why we provide the utmost commitment to our services. We know how important every second is during a life and death situation.

Many of our team members have experienced medical emergencies in their own families. That’s why our passion for saving lives is truly positioned at the core of what we do. We all wish to keep on creating beautiful moments that will last for a lifetime. To achieve this, we have to be prepared for unexpected situations. At Defibs Direct Australia, we don’t see providing AED machines as a passion and an initiative to save more lives.

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Why Its Becoming Increasingly Important to Have Easy Access to an AED Machine?

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Fast access to an AED machine in the event of an emergency will significantly contribute to the chances of survival.  In some locations, remote and isolated areas, 000 response times can be slow, and the delay in getting access to an AED can be too long in some instances.

With an AED Machine accessible, and easy to use even for the untrained user, many individuals, organisations, schools and sports clubs have adopted to keep one on hand in the even that it may be required. This decision contributes to creating a safer work environment, and contributes to a greater piece of mind, knowing a life-saving device is close by.

Be prepared by have access to an AED Machine, and follow advice

Using an AED machine in an emergency situation is an important step in helping to save a life before health professionals arrive. The ongoing welfare of the patient is important, as is taking the necessary steps to lessen the chance of future complications. As an example, this could include the following:


  • During and after recovery, recommended food and lifestyle limitations and advice from your doctor should be followed.

  • If you immediately feel chest pain or discomfort, experience an increase rate of heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, call 000

  • Take your medications as prescribed.

  • If you have any allergies, you must inform all members of your care team.


Your recovery time will vary depending on number of factors, but not limited to, age, general health, or underlying conditions. Speak to your doctor to obtain the best advice for your road to recovery

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Find out more information about our AED machine by talking to our Defibs Direct Australia team today

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