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        LIFEPAK Defibrillators Australia

The range of LIFEPAK Defibrillators are designed to suite a variety of needs and environments, ranging from a defibrillator for personal use, for home or office, and for users who require additional information, such as displaying a patient’s ECG.

It is evident when observing the design of the LIFEPAK defibrillators that they are intended to appear user friendly, with an aesthetic that doesn’t resemble a medical device, which may assist with reducing the apprehension of using a defibrillator for an individual who may have never attended a CPR First Aid course, and experienced hands-on time with a training defibrillator.

This is particularly evident in the design of the LIFEPAK CR2 series, with the very sleek contoured design, white in colour, with the simple lift the lid functionally to commence using the device. The LIFEPAK CR2 series can be supplied in a semi-automatic or fully-automatic model, based on the user’s preference or requirement.

LIFEPAK CR2 Essential

THE LIFEPAK CR2 Essential defibrillator is a popular defibrillator as it features a number of key benefits that are not available in some defibrillators in the market. These features add to the ease of use aspect when considering a defibrillator, and can save time in certain scenarios in an emergency.

An important feature is the of the CR2 LIFEPAK Defibrillators is that they come with universal electrodes, and a child switch. This is where the same set of electrodes (pads) can be used on either an adult or a child by simply pressing a button to change the device to operate in either child, or adult mode. When in child mode, the CR2 defibrillator will reduce the level of shock being delivered to a child.

For comparison, there are many defibrillators on the market that have adult and child pads sold separately. When an emergency may involve a child, there is the time consideration to disconnect the adult pads, and then reconnect the child pads. This step is not required with the universal pads, as it involves a simple button press, which saves valuable time.

THE CR2 range of LIFEPAK Defibrillators have the added benefit of a delivering a shock rating of up to 360J if required. This is where the defibrillator can escalate the level of shock for a patient if the initial shock was unsuccessful. Having the ability to automatically increase the shock level can be a benefit where the patient is not responding to the initial shock levels.

ClearVoice technology is where the defibrillator can detect background noise, and automatically adjust the volume to provide clear instruction to the user. In an environment with loud background noises such as sirens or music, having the defibrillator increase volume is beneficial, likewise in a quite environment, the defibrillator will lower the volume.


The LIFEPAK CR2 Wi-Fi has many of the same features as the CR2 Essential that are listed above, with two additional key features that make it differ.

The CR2 Wi-Fi can be registered with an online portal called LIFELINK. When the CR2 Wi-Fi is connected to an available Wi-Fi network, and registered with LIFELINK, the defibrillator can email the registered user with updates on the status of the defib. Alerts such as device has been used, the battery or pads are nearing expiry, or patient data can be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

The second key difference is a feature called cprINSIGHT. This feature is where the defibrillator will analyse the patient’s shockable rhythm during chest compressions without the need for a pause. This will assist in reducing the time to shock which proves beneficial in an emergency when time is critical.

If you are looking to LIFEPAK defibrillator, Defibs Direct regularly has them on sale. We aim to make defibrillators affordable and would be happy to assist with any queries you have.

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