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AED Defibrillators for Sale


Dedicated Life Saviours Using the AED Defibrillator

We believe having an AED defibrillator is important and encourage you to contact us to discuss the benefits of why you should consider owning one. Sudden cardiac arrest can occur to anyone without obvious warning and is not restricted to individuals with high cholesterol and/or heart disease. You can be fit and healthy and still be vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest. There are many factors that could contribute to cardiac arrest, such as stress, fatigue and anxiety to name a few. If handled incorrectly, without CPR, and access to a defibrillator, sudden cardiac arrest could be fatal, which is why we recommend you be prepared in the event of an emergency by being equipped with a defibrillator nearby.


At Defibs Direct Australia, we have been in the pursuit of providing patients the opportunity to increase their chances of survival. We believe our products can help numerous patients and families. We are driven by our dedication to extending lives so we can create more beautiful moments with our loved ones.

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How to Choose the Right AED Defibrillator

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It’s common among users to wonder which AED defibrillator is best for them. To help you, we have created simple tips for choosing the right device.

  • Cost
    AEDs can vary in price; however, they are now more affordable than ever, with various options available in the market to suite the environment, and the features depending on the end user.

  • Efficiency
    AEDs analyse a person’s heartbeat and will advise if a shock is required. Public access defibrillators are quick and easy to use, featuring clear and concise voice prompts to guide the user every step of the way. In the event of an emergency, clear and easy to understand instructions will greatly assist in achieving the desired outcome, saving a life!

  • Usage
    AEDs are designed to cater to anyone, including the untrained user through a step-by-step process prompted by clear voice prompts and visual aids.

  • Warranty and After-Sales Support
    Before deciding which AED brand to buy, learn about its after-sales support and warranty. Many defibrillators on range have extended warranty periods, many including replacement warranty in the event of a fault.

Trusted AED Defibrillator Provider

As an essential supplies provider, Defibs Direct Australia understands that the decision to buy an AED defibrillator can become overwhelming. Fortunately, we have informative and friendly team members that can assist you in this process. We can help you choose from our wide range of products by providing insights into the product.  We are committed to creating a nation where people care about each other’s well-being. From placing one at home, the gym, and even at the workplace, having a defibrillator makes a huge difference.


Nobody knows when a sudden cardiac arrest might occur. A defibrillator may be able to treat abnormal heart rhythms and restore a normal heart rhythm by providing an electric shock to ‘restart the heart’.

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Let our expert team help you in choosing the right AED defibrillator. Contact us today!

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