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Automatic Defibrillator


Automatic Defibrillator for Time Critical Conditions

In any emergency situation, time is critical and an automatic defibrillator significantly improve chances of survival. Every minute that passes by after a sudden cardiac arrest without the device, the survival rate drops to under 10%.  Since the first minutes are very crucial, choosing a fully automated external defibrillator (AED) is the most ideal. It can help decrease unnecessary delays that can create a close difference between life and death.

At Defibs Direct Australia, we are on the pursuit of educating the community of how essential it is to have access to a life-saving device. Nobody wants to lose a loved one especially if there were actions that could have saved the patient. That being said, all team members of the company dedicate their time in educating and assisting customers in Australia and even those off shore. In addition to that, we also made sure to offer our products at low price to make the barrier entry affordable.

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What’s the Difference Between Automatic Defibrillator and Semi-Automatic Defibrillator?

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If you’re exploring your options for automatic defibrillator, you’ve probably came across semi-automatic defib machines too. Knowing the difference between the two is actually straightforward. The former delivers electrical shocks automatically while the latter requires a rescuer to press a button before a shock is delivered. Nevertheless, both of them are fully functional and can significantly help patients. Aside from that, both types can record, collect, and store information about heart rhythm through a chip or module. The details stored can be downloaded and used by entities as the data can be part of research studies and statistics for the effectiveness of defibrillators.

There are other defibrillator models that have manual override feature, allowing the user to initiate a charge and shock without heart rhythm analysation. But there’s nothing to worry about as these models are typically used by paramedics, emergency responders and other trained, advanced and professional rescuers.

Thing You Need to Do When an Automatic Defibrillator

A fully automatic defibrillator is designed to offer fast assistance to the first responders regardless if they are professional rescuers or not. This type of defibrillator is most applicable for places where most people will doubt their ability during an emergency situation. Trained or not, there are things that you still need to do as the first rescuer.


  • Remove any jewellery or clothing that may hamper the pads from being properly placed. Pads should be attached directly onto the skin which may require cutting clothing materials such as an under-wired bra.

  • AED can be used even it is raining or wet but you must dry the patient’s chest before administering.

  • If raining or the patient is soaked, avoid direct contact with the patient while the shock is being delivered.

If the patient has a medication patch on their chest, make sure to remove it before applying the pads.

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If you have enquiries about automatic defibrillator, don’t hesitate to call our team.

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