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Best Defibrillator For Office


Let Us Help You Choose the Best Defibrillator for Office

As they say, the greatest asset a company has is its employees which is why getting the best defibrillator for your office is necessary. When the workplace is equipped with such a device, the employees receive subtle yet valid assurance that the company cares about them. Most importantly, if the nature of the job can put them at risk or someone is susceptible to health conditions. For this reason, at Defibs Direct Australia, we made it our goal to deliver reliable products and services.

Our friendly and expert team will help you choose the most suitable product. Moreover, we will provide you with after-sales support to ensure you maximise the benefits of the product. For us, the more defib machines are available in homes, schools, public areas and offices, the better. That’s why we have opted to offer products at an affordable price so everyone will have the means to have one.

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How to Upkeep the Best Defibrillator for Office?

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Even the best defibrillator for your office needs to be properly cared for to ensure it will last for a long time. To help you, here are some facts and easy to follow tips on how to do so.

  • Check your manual to confirm batteries and pads shelf life
    Typically, both batteries and pads last up to two to five years but eventually, they will expire. They will need replacement regardless of whether the device has not been used. That’s why it’s important to read the product’s manual, check the indicated expiry date, or confirm on the detail page of the brand’s website.

  • Prepare extra pads
    Since you can’t reuse pads, a new set of pads is needed every use so it’s best to prepare a backup when needed.

  • Properly dispose old batteries and pads
    Batteries contain harmful and highly reactive chemicals which can be dangerous. That’s why it should be disposed safely and not included in household waste. Moreover, pads may be contain bacteria so they should be disposed appropriately as well.

  • Detect issues
    With defibrillators that have self-tests, this shouldn’t be much of a task as it automatically performs diagnosis either daily, weekly or monthly. When something is not rectifiable, it’s best to bring it to a servicing centre.

Why We are the Best Defibrillator Provider for Office

Defibs Direct Australia doesn’t just offer the best defibrillator for offices, schools and other public places. Instead, we are also a provider who sees this industry as a moral and ethical responsibility. We are a team with firsthand experience of how terrifying it is to see near-death emergencies. As a result, the commitment and sincerity of helping others just kept growing.

That’s why whenever you buy from us, part of what you’ve paid proceeds to our chosen charities. This way, we can continuously grow and increase our capacity to help save lives.

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We offer the best defibrillator for office at a competitive price. Contact our team for a quotation!

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