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Defibrillator Lifepak​​


Care for Your Community Using Defibrillator Lifepak

A community where a defibrillator Lifepak is readily available creates peace of mind for the residents. So in case, there are unforeseen medical emergencies, they know that someone can respond to them quickly and administer medical attention immediately. Here at Defibs Direct Australia, we understand how nerve-racking this situation is that can sometimes lead to an untimely demise. That’s why we are dedicated to educating people on what product to choose, how to operate and properly care for it.  


With our many years of experience as rescue volunteers, we have witnessed how the price of the defibrillator creates a barrier. This prevents people from getting a defibrillator, putting possible patients at risk. As a result, we have adopted products at a low price without compromising quality. So whether you need Philips, Lifepak, Heartsine, or other medical care equipment, we are the provider you can rely on.

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Defibrillator Lifepak Models You Can Choose From

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Here at Defibs Direct, we are offering a large selection of defibrillator Lifepak models to ensure our customers will have limitless choices. From semi-automatic models to fully automatic defibrillators, we offer them at an affordable price. Lifepak offers different options depending on the usage and the level of experience of a buyer. For instance, semi-automatic defibs like Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15, and Lifepak 20 are preferably used by hospitals and medical practitioners such as paramedics and medical technicians.


On the other hand, automatic external defibrillators (AED) are ideal for places where the general public often goes to. This type of defibrillator machine includes Lifepak 500, Lifepak 1000, Lifepak CR Plus and Lifepak CR2. These models are the easiest devices to operate and do not require proper training to operate. Additionally, many Lifepak models are not just your typical defibrillators as they allow heart rate monitoring, interpretation and more. 

Should You Get a Defibrillator Lifepak for Your Business?

While the government states that owning a defibrillator Lifepak is a good practice, there is no legal requirement for businesses or industries to have one. Nevertheless, the importance of having easy access to this device can be extremely helpful. Most especially, if you’re office is located in an isolated place or if there is a possible chance of delay in the arrival of rescue. Moreover, it is also important to consider getting a defibrillator if:

  • you have ageing employees

  • you have employees who have a history of heart conditions

  • your business is frequently visited by the general public such as supermarkets, restaurants, gyms etc.

Furthermore, the device should be stored where it can easily be accessed and recognised. Ideally, you can place signs or stickers on cabinets so anyone can identify where it is located. Avoid placing it in hard to reach places and ensure the device is properly maintained.

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If you have any questions about defibrillators Lifepak, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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