Life saving stories from across the Nation

St John Ambulance

Hundreds of defibrillators installed across regional SA's pub & club network to save lives.

St John regional defibs.jpg
Australian Hearts

Calling on governments to make defibrillators mandatory in every Australian workplace.

Australian Hearts.jpg
Tim Cahill & Defibs

" In a perfect world, it would be great if every sports club and ground in Australia had access to a defibrillator"

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Teenager saved

“every sporting club, every workplace” should have one.

Teenage football player.jpg
Dad saved

Dad saved by a defibrillator campaigns for them to be installed across Australia

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Cyclist saved

How a Perth plumber saved a cyclist’s life.... CPR alone could not have saved him.

cyclist saved.jpeg
Defibrillator app

...a 4500km ride to promote a new app to help people locate the closest defibrillator

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Ambulance register

'Lifesaving' register of defibrillators to help South Australians survive heart attacks

ambulance register.jpg