Limited Edition HeartSine SAM 360P Defibrillator

This Limited Edition Bundle includes the following:

  • Limited Edition HeartSine Red Carry Case
  • HeartSine 360P Fully Automatic Defibrillator
  • 1 x 3 Year Adult Pad-Pak
  • plus a bonus 3.5 Year Adult Pad-Pak



The HeartSine SAM 360P ships with a combined electrode pads and battery unit, and carry case.


The fully-automatic HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P (SAM 360P) offers industry-leading value and environmental protection, all in an easy-to-operate system in the smallet and lightest package available.


Perfect for the sporting club, the HeartSine is the most lightweight AED available;

- Up to 1kg lighter than many other AED's

- Easy to replace battery & pads

- Escalating joules up to 200J

- Can be adjusted to be used on children (paediatric pads sold separately)


Why choose the HeartSine 360P AED?


The HeartSine AED is trusted by major American governments, the White House, armed forces and airlines across the world. It is the lightest model on the market with the highest IP rating for durability.


The device performs regular self-assessments and will alert if the battery or electrode pads require replacement.


Due to having a very high IP rating to protect from moisture and dust and being one of the smallest AED’s on the market, its perfect for a sporting environment, a sports bag, First Aid Kit, or the glove box.


Part no: 360BASSJ10

Limited Edition HeartSine SAM 360P Defibrillator

$2,394.00 Regular Price
$1,394.00Sale Price
  • - Manufacturer Warranty: 8 years

    - Product Dimensions: 20x18.4x4.8cm

    - IP rating: 56

    - Weight: 1.1kg

    - Maximum Joules: 200

    - Battery Life: 3 years & 3.5 years on this bundle

    - Electrode Pad Life: 3 years & 3.5 years on this bundle

    - Child Mode: Capable (requires additional items)

    - Assisted voice prompting: Yes